2024 Outdoor Sports Innovations
inspiring sustainable and active citizens

In the heart of the Regione Lombardia, in Italy, lies the province of Lecco, a territory that enchants and inspires with its extraordinary natural beauty. Characterized by breathtaking landscapes and unique diversity, this area is a true paradise for nature and outdoor enthusiasts. With an area of 816 square kilometers, the province is crossed by various watercourses and valleys. Here flow the rivers Adda, Pioverna and Varrone, which, contributing to shaping the local geography, create enchanting scenery appreciated for practicing outdoor sports.

The territory hosts several natural reserves and regional parks that preserve the local flora and fauna. Among these, Grigna Settentrionale Park, Monte Barro Park, Montevecchia and Valle del Curone Park and Adda Nord Park offer opportunities to admire the natural beauty and native animal species.

The mountains that embrace the province of Lecco offer picture-perfect landscapes, with imposing peaks reflected in the crystal-clear waters of the lake and valleys winding through ancient forests, providing outdoor enthusiasts with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in this unspoiled environment. The lake is the true jewel of this province. Its waters blend with the surrounding mountains, creating vistas that have inspired artists, writers and travelers from all over the world. The picturesque beaches along its shores, the historic villas and the villages overlooking the water, all contribute creating a magical atmosphere that enchants anyone who sets foot there.

The province of Lecco is not only a visual spectacle, but also offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy in the natural environment. From mountain hiking to rock climbing, from sailing to swimming in the lake, there is the opportunity to fulfill every adventure and nature-loving desire.


three days dedicated to innovation in outdoor sports, with the goal of inspiring sustainable and active citizens.

Euro'Meet 2024 will focus on innovation in the context of outdoor sports and activities, demonstrating how the introduction of new technologies can enrich the sporting experience and contribute to create citizens who are aware of the importance of sustainability and health.

Through workshops, conferences and interactive activities, participants from different parts of the world will have the opportunity to explore and discover how innovation can:

Transform outdoor activities
into a vehicle for a better lifestyle.
Promote the importance of an inclusive approach
to sports, encouraging diversity.
Contribute to practicing outdoor sports in a sustainable manner and in harmony with the natural environment.