Between lake and mountains

The oldest traces of humans in the province of Lecco date back to findings in the Valle del Curone, attributed to the Neanderthal man, approximately 62,000 years ago.

During the Early Middle Ages, the province of Lecco became a fortified system, serving as a defense for Mediolanum (modern-day Milan). It was a pivotal point along various routes connecting Lombardy with territories beyond the Alps and the region often became the stage for conflicts and decisive battles.

Between 1528 and 1532, the province of Lecco became a fief directly dependent on the Holy Roman Empire, under the leadership of Count Gian Giacomo Medici. During the Napoleonic era, in 1797, the Cisalpine Republic established the department of Montagna, with Lecco as its capital, encompassing nearly the entire present-day province of Lecco.

With the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1805, the province of Lecco was assigned to the new department of Lario, which later became the province of Como. Efforts to obtain autonomous province status began in 1927, but it wasn't until 1992 that this goal was achieved, with the creation of the province of Lecco.

This rich history, from the earliest human settlements to the present-day province of Lecco, reflects the evolution of a dynamic territory that has undergone centuries of change and development.


Here are some interesting facts
about the province of Lecco


Alessandro Manzoni and "The Betrothed"

One of the most famous connections to the province is with the writer Alessandro Manzoni. His globally renowned work, "The Betrothed" ("I Promessi Sposi"), is set in a romanticized version of Lecco and its surroundings.


Lake Como and Historic Villas

Lecco overlooks the renowned Lake Como, an attraction that has fascinated celebrities, artists and poets from around the world. The lake's shores are home to numerous historic villas and lush gardens.


Excursion to Mount Resegone

Mount Resegone, with its distinctive saw-toothed peaks, is a popular attraction for hikers. The panoramic view from the summit is spectacular.


Leonardo da Vinci

The mountains surrounding Lecco are so beautiful that they impressed Leonardo Da Vinci. In his role as a scientist, he studied them carefully and described them in the Codex Atlanticus. As an artist, he painted them in his works.


A Treasure of Faith and Culture

The extraordinary presence of churches, convents, monasteries, abbeys, and ancient chapels makes the province of Lecco a territory rich in history, art and spirituality. Lake Como was once a stop on one of the main pilgrimage routes leading to Rome.


Balconies and Overlooks in the Sky and Over Water

The thrill of unique panoramas is especially intense when you reach high-altitude observation points, real stages from which to contemplate, especially on clear days, the wonders of the landscape. Two true balconies overlook Lecco: the Piani d'Erna and the Piani dei Resinelli.


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