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The province of Lecco is rich in spectacular places to explore that allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of this territory, offering an authentic and evocative experience in contact with nature.

Lake Como

The shores of Lake Como offer breathtaking landscapes, historic villas and the opportunity to engage in water activities such as kayaking and sailing.

Path of the Wayfarer
(Sentiero del Viandante)

An ancient communication route that winds its way between the lake and the mountains, can be walked in stages with the option to return by train to the starting point.

Orrido di Bellano

Represents a stunning natural formation characterized by a waterfall nestled in a narrow gorge. This location is accessible to visitors via a suspended walkway fixed to the rock walls that follows the entire course of the gorge.


This mountain is known as "Lecco's Mountain" and offers numerous panoramic hikes, as well as breathtaking views from the summit.

Piani d'Erna

This plateau, reachable by cable car from Lecco, offers hiking trails and panoramic views.

Piani dei Resinelli

A mountainous area with extensive pastures and trails, perfect for hiking and trekking, with scenic routes leading to the Belvedere and the opportunity to visit the mines.

Regional Park of Grigna Settentrionale
(Parco Regionale della Grigna Settentrionale)

This natural park is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers, with a variety of trails leading to panoramic peaks and picturesque landscapes.

Adda Nord Park
(Parco Adda Nord)

It stretches along the left bank of the Adda River and is characterized by rich biodiversity. Within the park, you can engage in various outdoor activities while simultaneously enjoying the natural beauty of the landscape and the industrial history of the region.

Monte Barro Park
(Parco del Monte Barro)

Occupies the entire expanse of the majestic Monte Barro, located between Lake Como, Lake Garlate and Lake Annone. It is one of the most important areas in Europe for the conservation and preservation of the natural ecosystem.

Montevecchia Park and Curone Valley
(Parco di "Montevecchia e della Valle del Curone")

It features a significant ecosystem characterized by hilly landscapes, forests and rich biodiversity. It is the last area to preserve extensive forests and host a diverse fauna, including crayfish, salamanders, badgers and squirrels, before reaching the imposing metropolitan area of Milan.

Lakes of Garlate and Olginate
(Laghi di Garlate e Olginate)

Located on the outskirts of Lecco, the Adda River, after exiting Lake Como before resuming its course, encounters these two lakes connected by a cycle and pedestrian path, allowing for a safe ride through nature, art and history.

Lake Annone
(Lago di Annone)

A quiet lake surrounded by woods and hills, ideal for relaxing walks, picnics and outdoor activities.

Pusiano Lake
(Lago di Pusiano)

Another enchanting lake located in the province of Lecco, ideal for birdwatching and peaceful walks.

San Pietro al Monte in Civate

It is a Romanesque architectural complex located in the picturesque Valle dell'Oro in Civate. This place, now devoid of a resident religious community, consists of three distinct buildings: the Basilica of San Pietro, the Oratory dedicated to San Benedetto and what remains of the ruins of the ancient monastery.

Manzoni Museum in Lecco

Dedicated to Alessandro Manzoni, the author of "I Promessi Sposi" (The Betrothed), this museum houses manuscripts, historical documents and objects related to the writer’s life and work.

Villa Monastero in Varenna

This charming villa hosts botanical gardens, artworks and offers a panoramic view of Lake Como.

Abegg Museum

It is the Silk Museum located in a historic 18th-century silk mill on the shores of Lake Garlate, surrounded by a lovely mulberry tree garden. It preserves a rich collection of machinery, displayed to observe the main production phases, from silkworm breeding to fabric creation.

Monti Silk Factory Museum
(Museo Setificio Monti)

It is a museum dedicated to the history of silk located in Abbadia Lariana. This museum is housed in a restored and preserved silk spinning mill as an example of industrial archaeology. The museum reproduces, in its environment, tools and still-functioning machinery, a silk yarn factory from the second half of the 19th century.

Vezio Castle

Located near Varenna, this medieval castle offers a spectacular panoramic view of the province of Lecco.

San Giorgio Church in Mandello del Lario

This ancient church houses frescoes and artworks of remarkable historical and artistic value.

Monastery and Church of Santa Maria del Lavello

It is one of the most important monuments in local history and religious traditions. This site in Caloziocorte is the starting point and main focus of the "Cloister Route" (Percorso dei Chiostri), a route that immerses visitors in the beauty and history of the region's cloisters.

Piona Abbey in Colico

It is an example of Lombard Romanesque architecture, made with exposed square stone and represents a rare gem in the realm of Comacine art. The abbey offers a spectacular view of the western shore of Lake Como. Additionally, it allows visitors to experience the tranquility and serenity that still characterize the life of the Cistercian monks who reside there.

Forte Montecchio Nord

It is a military fortress dating back to World War I, located in the Colico area. The visit provides a unique perspective on the lives of soldiers during the conflict and the defensive strategy.

Moto Guzzi Museum in Mandello del Lario

For motorcycle enthusiasts, this museum tells the story of the iconic Moto Guzzi motorcycle brand, founded right in Mandello del Lario.

Charming Villages to Explore

Discover the charming villages of the province, such as Varenna, Corenno Plinio and other villages along the shores of Lake Como, Brivio on the Adda River, or Premana perched on the slopes of the Valvarrone mountain.


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